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sorry about the lack of posts

sorry about the lack of posts every for feels like an age....

real life issues have gotten in the way i will try and keep this up more often.... such is life

Speak soon




How are you all today?

Feb. 8th, 2010

hi all

sorry i havent been around..... seems lj is a small part of my life now

anyway i will try and be around more often posting you tube faves of mine etc



one of my gamer buddies lives in this town, which has places where bikes are allowed ONLY ahead of cars etc

I would LOVE to live here... :)

Just letting you all know

just letting you all know i am still alive breathing just very busy with moving shit around as i am moving back to australia soon#

and yes my partners immigration got approved otherwise i wouldnt be moving back

love yas

torchwood season 2 outtakes

god help us all

Twin Peaks - "Laura's Death"

dead wrapped in plastic

Pendulum rocks!

Pendulum - Propane Nightmares (HD Music Video)

This is my favorite drum and bass band of the moment enjoy :-)

Not for the squemish.. gordon slaughters his home grown pigs for pork for his F word restraunt..
Remember this is how YOUR meat gets done before YOU see it in pretty little packages @ the supermarket. So dont come crying to me if you cannot take a little does of reality eh? ;)

this is gross

Kitchen Nightmares USA - Dillons / Purnima 3

Have a kitchen like this??? surely you will kill someone!

answers in the comments section please... that is foul...